1. Meet Bonnie Fischer!

    Bonnie Fischer is a woman of few words, and while she doesn’t use sign language in the traditional sense of the word, she uses other gestures and obviously has no trouble getting her point across to whoever is with her! She’s very often quiet but generally with a twinkle in her eye that lets you…Read More

  2. Are You An Arc Star?

    Many members of our staff do an exemplary job, going “above and beyond” what is in their job description to improve the lives of the adults and children in our many programs and to make The Arc better and better. They stand out from the crowd. They’re always a cut above. These are our ARC STAR…Read More


    Thirty-six years later and Steve Bessler’s still going strong! He’s been with The Arc of Burlington County longer than all our employees and most of our clients, and if his plans work out, he’ll be with us at least another five years. For anyone who’s ever come to one of our monthly dances, …Read More