May 17th, 2013, was pretty special here in Burlington and especially so for the men and women who attend and work in our Arc Thrift Store Adult Day Program on High Street. Governor Christie came to town and made a special visit to our store, stopping for a while to greet everyone who works there, posing for pictures, and even checking out the merchandise. (Hey, Christmas isn’t that far away!) Our crew even presented him with a Step Up For The Arc Walk 2013 commemorative tee-shirt for our 12th annual walk taking place two days later. After shmoozing with the crew and staff, he made his way down to the river for a brief press conference. Then it was off to more governmental events in other parts of the state.

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to have been included in his busy schedule and invited him back when he’s not so busy and has more time to spend browsing our store aisles.