Ten-Fifteen Deacon Road has been pretty busy these days. Home to our Seniors Adult Day Program and our newly-renovated Adult Day Program (formerly in Delran), the entire site — buildings and driveway — had fallen into disrepair over the years due to budget constraints. But last year we set out to change what we could within our limited budget and VOILA! The changes are amazing.

      The Seniors building in front got a new deck and handicap ramp to replace the old, falling-apart one that had been there for years. Now, an expanded porch and ramp are just waiting to settle so we can paint them to match the shutters and siding replaced a number of years ago. We’ll look into new furniture when the weather gets warm enough for our seniors to sit out and enjoy lunch on the deck.

      The “island” in the middle surrounding our flagpole literally fell apart and we’ve replaced the square with new supports. Once we plant the area, it’ll be a striking complement to the flag. And the driveway — whew! What used to be rutted gravel that was totally unfriendly to cars and transportation vans and buses has been regraded and on is now fully paved. Cars and their drivers are very thankful now for the ease of traveling on the road!

      The back building, formerly our Learn-A-Way Child Care Center, needed  a complete remake since it was to become the new site of one of our adult day programs. Power washing and repainting of the entire outside and inside walls, replacing the entire floor, replacing children’s bathrooms with new adult fixtures, breaking down walls to enlarge rooms and adding new adult-friendly furniture, and removing playground equipment and child-proof fencing no longer necessary have made the site an enviable and beautiful new home to our former Delran program. Once landscaping is completed, the whole brand new Deacon Road Compound will be a showcase The Arc of Burlington County is proud of.