Marion Goodman has worked at the WalMart store in Burlington for 15 years! She works three, five hour days each week and has a really busy schedule when she’s there. She’s responsible for trash pickup throughout the store, which is a LOT of emptying in the SuperCenter store of about 180,000 square feet with umpteen departments! Since the Burlington store on Mt. Holly Road was renovated a while back, it almost doubled in size so Marion has her work cut out for her each day. She manages though because she really hustles!

Marion’s other duties include keeping the lunchroom tables cleaned after lunches and making the sure microwaves, all three of them, are wiped out and cleaned each day as well.

Marion’s wonderful work ethic, a pair of comfortable shoes, her friendly smile to everyone, and the FitBit she wears to let her know how many steps she puts in each day all keep her going and very popular with other employees. It looks as if Marion will be a WalMart employee for quite a while in the future, and The Arc is very proud of her.