1. Meet Bonnie Fischer!

    Bonnie Fischer is a woman of few words, and while she doesn’t use sign language in the traditional sense of the word, she uses other gestures and obviously has no trouble getting her point across to whoever is with her! She’s very often quiet but generally with a twinkle in her eye that lets you…Read More

  2. Are You An Arc Star?

    Many members of our staff do an exemplary job, going “above and beyond” what is in their job description to improve the lives of the adults and children in our many programs and to make The Arc better and better. They stand out from the crowd. They’re always a cut above. These are our ARC STAR…Read More


    Thirty-six years later and Steve Bessler’s still going strong! He’s been with The Arc of Burlington County longer than all our employees and most of our clients, and if his plans work out, he’ll be with us at least another five years. For anyone who’s ever come to one of our monthly dances, …Read More

  4. Tips for Enhancing Social Skills in People with Special Needs Part 2

    Children and adults with special needs often have trouble socializing. Socializing is not always easy, and for adults and children with special needs, it can be even more challenging. Whether your child has special needs or your care for someone who does, it's important to take steps to help them so…Read More

  5. Tips for Enhancing Social Skills in People with Special Needs

    Socialization is essential for us all, but for children and adults with special needs, social skills don't always come easy. If you are a parent or caregiver of a child or an adult with special needs, then you are probably all too familiar with the social limitations that can come with the territory…Read More

  6. IKEA and The Arc: Perfect Together!

    John Archer getting ready for his work day at IKEA.   Tony and Mike  IKEA and our Lumberton Day Program make quite a team! The company warehouse in Westampton, NJ, is a huge storage facility of 1.3 million square feet servicing a number of Ikea stores in surrounding communities. A while back, Tony…Read More

  7. Thrift Store Thursday Bag Sales

    GOOD NEWS! The Arc's Thrift Store Thursday bag sales are now a regular feature! For just $5.00 a bag (we'll supply the bag) you'll be able to take advantage of many of our clothing items --- and we have lots and lots of them --- for men and women. Men and women from our Burlington Day Program work a…Read More

  8. Wondering If An Event’s Cancelled Due To Inclement Weather?

    When it snows or there’s inclement weather, tune to KYW News Radio’s Storm Center to find out if our Day Programs will be open or if transportation will be limited. You can also call KYW’s school closing number (215-925-1060), or tune in to KYW-TV3 and watch the crawl at the bottom of the scre…Read More

  9. Golf Classic III: New And Even More Improved!

    Third Annual Arc of Burlington County Golf Classic! Last year's Classic was a blast and this year's will be even better. We're still working up all the details --- date, location, cost, etc.  ---- and will update this spot as soon as everything's set, so check back soon. You won't want to miss ou…Read More